Carom Seed (Ajwain)

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Get ready to be blown away by our Carom Seed’s aroma and taste. We source the best Carom Seed from the farms of India. You can chew the seeds for their own medicinal value, tasting bitingly hot and bitter, leaving the tongue numb for a while. Cooking Carom Seed(Ajwain) mellows it somewhat. When crushed, they have a strong and distinctive thyme-like fragrance. A few flakes of carom seeds are enough to dominate the flavour of the dish. Popularly known as Ajwain in India, it holds its importance in Ayurveda and Unani medicine.

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Health Benefits

Carom Seed help improve cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and it also helps fight peptic ulcers and improves indigestion. It also prevents coughing and improve airflow. Ajwain can also be used for hair and skin health.

Place of Origin

Carom Seed is thought to originate in Egypt, before traveling to India during the Greek conquest of Asia.

Recipe Usage

Pan-Fried Halibut, Stir-fried Spicy Zucchini and Red lentils Daal with Spiced Tadka.


Carom Seed is used to flavor vegetarian dishes primarily legumes and bread dishes. In Indian cuisine, Ajwain/Carom seeds are added during the tadka or tempering process of cooking.

Taste and Aroma Description

Bitter taste, Hot and pungent.

Storage tips

It can be stored indefinitely if kept from light in airtight containers. Being a strong aromatic spice, ensure that the lid is tightly closed to retain the freshness of the spic.

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Place Of Origin

Carom-seeds is thought to originate in Egypt, before traveling to India during the Greek conquest of Asia.

Health Benefits

Improve cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, may help fight peptic ulcers and improve indigestion.May prevent coughing and improve airflow. ajwain for hair, skin, and health.